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Openhouse Detail

This Saturday – Your Invitation to Explore Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Invitation from the Dean

Greetings from Virginia University of Oriental Medicine!

We thank you for opening our invitation to participate in our next Open House which is scheduled for this coming Saturday, August 22nd, from 11 AM to 1 PM.  We are excited to meet and greet you and answer any questions you have about our program and Oriental Medicine/acupuncture in general. nbsp;

At VUOM, the study of Oriental Medicine calls to a particular person who values tradition while exploring new frontiers.  The lineage of this medicine requires a facile mind and energetic body, someone who can memorize and think critically about traditional teachings while at the same time use modern research and practice to facilitate and promote health and well-being. 
Our approach is to embody the call of healing practiced for millennium with needles, herbs, adjunctive therapies, massage, tai qi and qi gong, while also studying the newer approaches brought to us by western medicine.  Both are valuable assets, and our practice seeks to find balance within each and offer an exceptional education and clinical experience to students and patients alike.
Following in the footsteps of our 5000+ years of traditional knowledge and experience, I greet you and acknowledge the shoulders on which we stand.  Writing to you from the Virginia University of Oriental Medicine (“VUOM”), which achieved accreditation with the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) in February 2015, I welcome you to explore with the past, present and future of Oriental Medicine and its relevance and significance within general medicine today.
To this end VUOM has entered into agreements to facilitate exchange of faculty, students, research and products with Kyung Hee University and Hospital, as well as Pusan National University of South Korea.  Look to our Spring 2016 and Summer 2016 quarters for opportunities to travel and study at these prestigious universities. 
Oriental Medicine requires both practitioners and patients to take greater responsibility for health and well being.  At VUOM we strive to prepare graduates for the opportunities to educate and inspire others to take that responsibility seriously, and gain control of their health.
Studying at VUOM gives you entry to the esteemed lineage of Korean and Chinese Medicine.  At the same time VUOM attracts individuals from around the world to study Oriental Medicine because they recognize the value in a multi-cultural and well educated student body.  As I write, we have students with undergraduate, graduate, PhD and medical degrees from the countries of Korea, China, Mongolia, Peru, United States, Georgia, Japan, Pakistan, and Dominican Republic, and are anticipating new enrollees from India, Iran, and Afganistan this Fall and Winter.  The richness of our student body facilitates a truly multi-cultural experience.
We are growing, and invite you to grow with us! Our faculty is eager to share, and prepared to facilitate your journey.
Welcome to VUOM!   Home of the first and only fully accredited university of Oriental Medicine in Virginia! Please take your first step on this journey by accepting our Open House Invitation below.  We look forward to seeing you here and answering any questions you may have.  Refreshments will be served. 

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Celia Hildebrand, L.Ac. DAOM
Academic Dean