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Oriental Medicine

Tae Cheong Choo - Ph.D, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. NCCAOM (CEO, Acupuncture Department Chair)

Dr. Choo has had a wide-ranging career studying, practicing and teaching Oriental Medicine since 1980. He received his Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees from Kyung Hee University in Seoul, Korea, universally recognized as the premier Oriental Medical University in the world. While at Kyung Hee University Oriental Medical Hospital, he had extensive, highly specialized experience working with stroke and herniated intervertebral disc patients.

During the course of his professional career, Dr. Choo has treated over 250,000 patients with an extensive range of diseases. He is considered a Master Practitioner of two of the safest and most effective methods of acupuncture, SaAm Acupuncture (Korean 4 Needle Technique) and Master Tong’s acupuncture and as such has been a widely sought out practitioner for over 20 years.

Dr. Choo has also worked as a full time professor, clinic supervisor and Director of the Doctoral Program in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Samra University of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles, CA. A highly respected and popular lecturer and advanced Continuing Education seminar presenter on the topics of Oriental Medicine, SaAm Korean Four Needle acupuncture and Master Tong’s acupuncture both domestically and abroad, he continues to lecture overseas at venues including the International Congress of Oriental Medicine in Seoul, Korea, the TCM Kongress Rothenberg in Germany, the Chiway Academi at Wenterthur, Switzerland, the European Institute of Oriental Medicine in Munich, Germany and Shou Zhong Institute for Chinese Medicine in Berlin, Germany. He was also invited to lecture on the practical application of acupuncture for pain at the U.S. Army Clark Health Clinic in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Dr. Choo has participated as a site visit team member for the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM), and has served on the Board of Directors for the California State Oriental Medicine Association(CSOMA).

Dr. Choo has been a featured doctor in several television documentaries on the subject of Oriental Medicine including the documentary for the 40th Anniversary of MBC, the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation in Korea, entitled “Why Acupuncture?”, and the Korean Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) documentary, “Eastern Medicine Goes To The World.”

He has been published in numerous professional journals and newspaper articles on Oriental Medicine in both Korean and English including Joong Ang Ilbo, Hankook Ilbo, Tongshin Jinheung, Medical Hani, Minjok Uihak and the L.A.Times.

Dr. Choo holds professional licenses to practice Oriental Medicine from the California Acupuncture State Board; Doctor of Oriental Medicine from the Nevada Acupuncture State Board; Diplomate in Oriental Medicine from the National Certification Commission for Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM); and Doctor of Korean Medicine from the Minister of Health Department of South Korea.

Chang Hee Kim - MSOM, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. NCCAOM (Director of Clinic Operations)

He is a licensed acupuncturist in the State of Virginia and California, and has more than 18 years of clinical and teaching experience in Canada and the United States. He received his Masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Dongguk Royal University in Los Angeles.

Dr. Hoon Byung Lee - L.Ac., Dipl. DAOM. Director of Clinical Development

Hoon Lee, DAOM, LAc received a DAOM from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2015. He received a MSOM from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine in 2007.
He is a NCCAOM diplomate of Oriental Medicine and has had a private practice in the Chicago area since 2008. His acupuncture techniques include: Korean 4-Needle Technique, Tung’s Acupuncture, Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture, and Auricular Acupuncture. He instructs patients to perform Tai Chi exercises at home to improve physical and mental health. He is a 7th degree black belt in Hapkido and has been teaching and practicing Tai Chi for over 25 years.

Gyung Sung Kang, MSOM, L.Ac. (Herbal Dispensary Manager)

Hongguan Jiao - Ph.D, L.Ac., NCCAOM (Director of Academic Adviser)

Dr. Jiao received his Bachelor’s degree from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China; Master’s and Doctorate degrees on Traditional Chinese Medicine from China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing, China.
He is a Diplomate in Oriental Medicine from the National Certification Commission for Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). He is a licensed acupuncturist in China as a TCM doctor.

Dr. Jiao has practiced and taught Oriental Medicine for about 20 years.
He has taught Oriental Medicine to the students from David Geffen School of Medicine at University of California at Los Angeles and researched theories of Oriental Medicine at Center for East-West Medicine at UCLA.
He is also a registered expert of ISO TC 215 and TC 249 (International Organization for Standardization, Technical committees – 215 Health informatics, 249 – Traditional Chinese Medicine). He involved in the development of international standards in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine from the year of 2011.

Ran Ding - Ph.D

A lady with strong expertise mastered the common diseases in integrative medicine, western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine specification and basic operating skills. Who has a certain level of scientific research and teaching, is able to apply for and complete scientific research tasks herself. She can independently, timely and efficiently complete the day-to-day office work. She possesses excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills. Quick to grasp new ideas and concepts and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. Enthusiastic about managing, motivating, training and developing a successful and productive team. Able to work well on own initiative and can demonstrate a high level of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. Even under significant pressure, possesses a strong ability to perform effectively.

Doori Ahn - M.D. (China)

Dr. Ahn received his Bachelor’s degree from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China; Master’s degree on Acupuncture from Capital medical university, Beijing, China. and practiced in Beijing TCM Hospital. He is a licensed TCM doctor in China.

Jimmy Oh - M.D. (Korea)

Dr. Jimmy Oh is a professor of western medicine, Dipl. MSMD.(Master of Medical Science). Dr. Oh graduated with a Master of Medical Science from the In Je Post-Graduate School of Medical College.His Ultimate Goals are to teach Western Medicine( Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Internal Medicine, Case Management).

Oriental Medicine:
Dr. Hoon Byung Lee, DAOM, L.Ac.

Tae Cheong Choo, Ph.D(Korea), L.Ac.

Marc Wasserman, Ph.D., L. Ac., Dipl. Ac., Dipl. Chinese Herbology NCCAOM

Teaching Specialization: Herbal Medicine, Fundamental Theory of Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture
Ph.D. Fundamental Theory of Chinese Medicine Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shenyang, China)
Master of Acupuncture Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shenyang, China)
B.A. Chinese, Foreign Language, University of Maryland, College Park

Hoyoon Chong, M.S.O.M., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. NCCAOM

Teaching Specialization: Acupuncture, Korean constitutional medicine
Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, Midwest College of Oriental Medicine

Hon K. Lee, Dipl. OM, L.Ac

Hon K. Lee is a Virginia Medical Board Licensed Acupuncturist and an NCCAOM nationally certified Diplomate in Oriental Medicine.

He graduated from the Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, had clinical training at the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and completed Chinese herbal medicine studies at TAI Sophia Institute in Maryland.
Hon owns the Sports Edge Acupuncture Clinic, where he treats patients using acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutritional counseling, massage, and qigong therapy.
One of Hon’s areas of specialization is women’s health. He is an acupuncturist at the Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine. As a U.S. Marine combat veteran, he offers free treatment to wounded warriors. He volunteers his services at the Loudoun Free Clinic.
Hon is co-founder and former Director of the Jow Ga Shaolin Institute, where he taught kung fu, taijiquan and qigong. He edited and co-authored the book “Yang Style Tai Ji Quan: A Beginner’s Guide” published by the People’s Medical Publishing House.
He is a Spring Forest Qigong Certified Instructor and Qigong Master, and completed a masters level graduate program in medical qigong therapy.

Yong Kyo Shin, D.C.

Teaching Specialization: Bio-medicine
DC, Life Chiropractic University, 2003.
B.S, Fort Hays State University, 1996.

Bruce Park MSOM, LAc, Dipl Ac (NCCAOM)

Bruce is an integrative healing artist and a Dharm teacher at Bruce Park Acupuncture and Lotus Dahrma Society. He is a graduate of the Tri-State College of Acupuncture (MSAc, 2012; MSOM, 2014) and Dongguk University (BA in Buddhist studies, 1989; MA in Education, 1993). He served Buddhist activities as a robed practitioner at several monasteries in Korea (1977-1997). He edited A Clinical Manual of Kampo Medicine (2013) and contributed to the translation of Buddha Dharma and Practice and published Measure of Life. Bruce currently teaches East Asian classics and practices integrative healing arts as a board certified and licensed acupuncturist in New York City.

Jeong Han Lim Ph.D (Korea), L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)

Dr. Lim has enjoyed a distinguished career on both the clinical and academic side since beginning his studies within the field of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine during the early 90s. A graduate of Daejeon University’s Bachelor of Science in Korean Medicine program and Kyung Hee University’s Masters and Doctoral degree programs in their Graduate School of East – West Medical Science, Dr. Lim has served as an active member of organizations such as the Society of Korean Medicine and the Korean Association of Traditional Oncology. Dr. Lim has also served as a member of Kyung Hee University’s Graduate School of East – West Medical Science.

Andrew Pyo MSOM, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)

Andrew Pyo earned his Master of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. An experienced clinician and educator, Mr. Pyo continues to practice while serving as faculty

Jie Jin - M.S.O.M., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. NCCAOM

Teaching Specialization: Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine
Master of Science in Acupuncture, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

Eun Mee Yang, MSOM, L. Ac., NCCAOM

Eunmee Yang:  Ms. Yang earned her Master of Oriental Medicine at Virginia University of Oriental Medicine with honors (4.0 GPA) where she was the recipient of the Presidential Scholarship for academic excellence.  Prior to earning her MSOM, she earned her Master of Science in Physiology and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) from Georgetown University with a 4.0 GPA.  Ms. Yang did her undergraduate work at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology in June 2007 with a 4.7 out of 5.0 GPA.

Ms. Yang’s professional work ranges from public service projects to being a Researcher in the MIT Biology Department and the Yaffe Lab at the MIT Center for Cancer Research.  She is the recipient of the CAM Merit Scholarship at the Georgetown University CAM program, the John L. Asinari Award at the MIT Department for Biology, and the Robert C. Byrd Scholarship merit scholarship for undergraduate studies at MIT

Eungse Lee, PhD, KMD

President and CEO of the Ye Clinic of Oriental Medicine Group, in Seoul, South Korea, Dr. Lee earned his Ph.D, M.A., and B.S. in Oriental Medicine from Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea. He is also an instructor of Oriental Medicine at Sangji University in Wonju, South Korea. Dr. Lee’s other academic positions include Director of the Rehabilitation Medicine Department at Sanji University Hospital in Wonju, Korea; Visiting Professor at University of Bridgeport, U.S.A., Vice President of Oriental Medicine at Sangji University Hospital, and as Visiting Researcher of the Sports Science Department at Hungarian University.Prior to the Ye Clinic of Oriental Medicine Group, Dr. Lee was President & CEO of the Woori Clinic of Oriental Medicine. He was and still is the Secretary General of the International Society of Oriental Medicine and was Vice President of the Korean Oriental Association for the Study of Obesity and the Korean Association of Oriental Sport Medicine.Dr. Lee served as the main anchor in the “OK Hanbang Special” on Mail Business TV and was a medical columnist for the Economic Review, Hankyoreh Newspaper and the Mail Business Newspaper. Dr. Lee was also an Advisory DOctor to the President of South Korea and his family from 2003-2007 and was a member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Oriental Medicine School for Evaluation and Planning. Dr. Lee has been widely published including the Fat Flush Diet (translated in Korean) ? 2007 and Skin Charisma, Oriental Skin Secret ? 2006 and published articles include the Study on Sports Injuries among athletes (Information on Sports Science Vol 29, pp 30-41, 1989) and the Study on Oriental Medicine for athletes and banned substances on Oriental Medicine and the Study on doping tests for banned substances in Oriental Medicine (Research Project of KISS, 1989 ? Korea Institute of Sports Science).

Seong-Gyu Ko, Ph.D, M.P.H., M.D. (Korea)

Dr. Ko earned his Ph.D. from Seoul National University School of Medicine as well as from Kyung Hee University School of Traditional Korean Medicine, where he also earned his Master and M.D. (Korea). Dr. Ko also holds an M.P.H. degree from Yonsei University Graduate School of Health Science and Management.

Dr. Ko currently is the Head Professor of the Department of Preventive Medicine at Kyung Hee University College of Korean Medicine and is the Director of Kyung Hee University’s Center for Clinical Research and Drug Development. Prior to that, he has held many faculty positions throughout his 20+ year career in the field, including Visiting Professor at Seoul National University Hospital’s Clinical Trial Center where he was also a Visiting Researcher.

He is the Chair and President of the Institutional Review Board at Kyung Hee University and is a Board member at the National Evidence-based Healtcare Collaboration Agency of Korea (NECA); and is the Deputy Dean at Kyung Hee University, College of Korean Medicine as well as being President of The Korea Society for Korean Preventive Medicine.

Won Jo Chong, PhD, Dipl. OM., L.Ac.

Jong Hwa Lee PhD, KMD

Dr. Lee earned her PhD, OMD, MA, and BS in Oriental Medicine from Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea. Dr. Lee is registered with the Ministry of Health and Welfare as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Among other things, he served as a faculty member at Samra University of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles, CA and is on the Educational Board of the Korean Society of Oriental Medicine for spine and nerves. During his career, Dr. Lee received numerous awards and honors including the Award for Excellence for Great Research from East-West Medicine Department at Kyung Hee University and 2nd Prixe in Shang Tianyu The International Prize of Scientific Progress. His published books and articles include “SOS! My Baby is Sick” (2008) and “A study of manipulative treatments for musculoskeletal problems applying proprioceptive spinal reflex” (2006 ? The J. of Korea Chuna manual medicine for spine & nerves).

Deannie Janowitz, FABORM., L. Ac.

A graduate of Samra University with a 4.0 GPA, Ms. Janowitz also holds a Certificate of Advanced Training in Oriental Medicine from Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea and a Certificate of Advanced Training in TCM from the International Acupuncture Training Center in Beijing, China. As a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, Deannie has advanced training and specialty Board certification in enhancing fertility and women’s health. Her other practice areas include Pain Control, Korean SaAm acupuncture, Nutrition and Weight Loss Counseling, Auricular Acupuncture for addiction withdrawal, Stress Reduction Treatment and Counseling.

Dennie has taught at Dong Guk University (Chinese Herbology), Yo San University (Clinical Supervisor) and Samra University (Chinese Herbology). She is the owner of Radiant Fertility Acupuncture and Radiant Health Acupuncture in Torrance, CA and has worked at various institutions of healing including George T. Pfleger Center’s Cri-Help Drug Detoxification Program. She successfully completed the Acupuncture Orthopedics Program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Hongsoon Kim, Ph.D., L.Ac.

Dr. Kim is the President of Eastern American Sa-Am Association and is a teaching mentor of Sa-Am study group. A former Clinical Professor at Kyung Hee Univeristy in South Korea, Dr. Kim earned his Master’s and Doctorate’s in Oriental Medicine at Kyung Hee University.

Sung Mun Jung, K.M.D., Ph.D., L.Ac.

Dr. Jung is President of Bliss Acupuncture Network in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. A graduate of Kyunghee University in Seoul, South Korea, where he earned his BS, MS and PhD, he was also a Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and VA Medical Center in Philadelphia. Prior to Bliss Acupuncture, Dr. Jung was the Clinical Director at Hamsoa Oriental Clinic in New Jersey and worked in the Department of Rheumatology, School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania and VA Medical Center, Arthritis Research.

Dr. Jung’s professional memberships include the Society of Integrated Oncology; American College of Rheumatology; and Holistic Pediatric Association. Dr. Jung has been published in numerous journals including Lathia AT, Jung SM, Chen LX., Efficacy of acupuncture as a treatment for chronic shoulder pain. J Altern Complement Med. 2009 Jun;15(6):613-8; and Can Characterization by Traditional Korean Medical Criteria Help in our understanding of Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis?. Clin Exp Rheumatol. 2005 Sep-Oct;23(5):729-30.

Bon Young Suh, K.M.D., L.Ac.

Dr. Suh, K.M.D. earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s of Oriental Medicine at Kyung Hee University in South Korea. He is a member of The Practicing Traditional Korean Medicine Doctor’s Society and is an Authorized Skin Specialist Traditional Korean Medicine Doctor. Prior to opening Bliss Acupuncture Clinic Network in Englewood, NJ in 2011 and expanding into 7 locations in the east coast, Dr. Suh worked as a project manager for public health programs at Yeongi National Health Center, Haneul Maum Oriental Clinic and Kyurim Oriental Clinic in Seoul, South Korea with an emphasis on obesity management, alcohol & smoking addiction treatment, OBGYN diseases especially in menstrual irregularities, PMS and uterine myoma, and aesthetic face care.

Dr. Suh has given regular public lecture on health management and diet control. He is a licensed Acupuncturist in New York, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia and also holds a license of acupuncture in South Korea.

Dam Huh, MSOM

Mr. Huh is a graduate of prestigious Kyung Hee University in South Korea where he earned his bachelors. He earned his masters degree at Daegu University of Korean Medicine. He is on the Advisory Committee of Daegu Technopark where he has been instrumental in the advancement of the development of the Oriental Medicine Industry Support Center. Mr. Huh has also been a frequent columnist on herbs for the newspaper of Korean medicine and the Korean herbs association.

Mr. Huh’s entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen led him to hold executive positions at various organizations including: CEO and Physician of Taeeul Yangsang Oriental Medicine Clinic, CEO of Dong Woo Dang Pharmacy Ltd., and CEO of Omniherb Co., a leading herb manufacturing and distribution company.